So…the clocks went back?

So Sunday was that time of the year where the clocks go back an hour (here at least). If I’m honest though, I’ve barely even noticed.

As a kid it’d be a big thing. You’d have to go around, turn all the clocks back, your watch, etc. But now? Everything in my house I get the time from changes itself, whether it’s my phone, pc, or my TV. I certainly never noticed an extra hour in bed…

What about you? Are you one of those people who complain every time the clock goes forward/backwards, or barely even notice, like me?

Enjoy your evening


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My pink teddy bear


So on Okcupid there’s the ‘what’s the most private thing you’d be will to share’ section (yes I use okcupid, deal with it). Well, mine is simple: I still sleep with a teddy. The above pink hippo in fact. There is a story, if you can read it between your laughs.

A few years ago, after I took myself of my anti depressants, I had my second major breakdown, perfectly timed at about 5pm on a Friday meaning I wouldn’t be able to see my GP for a few days. Needless to say that weekend saw me not shower, change out of my pjs, or do much other than eat, sleep, and lay on the sofa watching terrible tv and occasionally crying. Not because of the terrible tv, but the depression thing.

Around about Sunday lunchtime my mum and sister noticed me cuddling a pillow, just for that comforting feeling of having something in my arms. My mum proffered her giant donkey teddy, easily half my size,  which I immediately rejected for being too big. My sister proffered me the pink hippo, and you’d better believe I didn’t let go of that all day; mum thought she’d have to pry it out from me when I went to my GP.

Over the years, my mental state has got a lot better, but more often than not I still sleep with it for that extra reassuring comfort, even if I stay at a friends. This naturally worried my girlfriend at the time, who was kinda hoping not to have three in the bed :p.  Needless to say, I made that sacrifice.

So that’s my most private thing I’m willing to admit to the Internet. What’s yours?


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Why I’m not boycotting Ender’s Game

For the benefit of those who don’t know, Ender’s Game was the first novel in the popular sci-fi series written by Orson Scott Card. Recently, it’s been turned into a film (finally) released this month, but already people are planning to boycott it. Why? Well, Orson Scott Card is a bit of a dick.

And not just because of his ridiculous signature (source:Wikimedia commons)

Unfortunately, Card actively campaigned against pretty much anything to do with gay rights and has not been shy when it comes to expressing his opinions on the matter. Although he recently stepped down as president of the anti same sex marriage group, the National Organization for  Marriage, after calling the debate on the topic ‘moot’ due to two Supreme Court rulings in favour of gay marriage, his views have pissed off a lot of people, with the pro-LGBT group GLAAD calling for a boycott.


I won’t be joining them though. Yes, Card’s bigotry doesn’t exactly endear himself to me, but that’s not really what his books are about, and it’s not views shared by the actors or producers of this film. By seeing this film, I’m not supporting a hate campaign or agreeing with his views, I’m saying ‘I loved your book, and I’m hoping to love this film.’ Nothing more.


So if you’ve read the book and are wondering whether to see the film or not, don’t let your decision be swayed by the author’s opinions. Check the cast and directors, read the book if you haven’t already, re-read the book if you have, and decide whether you think this will be worth your money.


See you there


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I have a virus. I’d like to point out this isn’t ‘man flu’. I’m sick with a virus.

Naturally the thing to do is take the recommended dose of paracetamol and ibuprofen, rest, and wait. Eventually, my body’s immune system will do its job. Eventually.

It’s decided to watch Breaking Bad first.

Rest is arguably the most important part of recovery, allowing the body to do it’s thang. However, I also suffer from being employed, and now face a catch-22 situation. Actually, it’s the same situation I’ve face all week.

Rest, get better, and lose a few days pay, or work, get paid, but prolong the duration of the virus.

It’s a decision we all have to make at some point. Personally, I use my mother as a gauge; if she takes one look at me and say ‘no, you need to stay home today’, I’m probably quite sick, considering a) she’s a mum, and knows, and b) this is a woman who has spen the majority of our lives pushing me out the door to school, trying to get rid of me. If she thinks I should stay home, I should probably stay home.

But it is a tricky thing to decide. On the one hand, if we’re ill, we’re not going to be as productive in the team, we’re likely to spread what we have, and depending on the job, we could be outright dangerous to have in the work place. Yet on the flipside, could we afford to have a day off? According to a Kimberly-Clark Professional survey, 60% of Americans don’t think so.

What do you choose-your health, or your bank balance?

I’m going to go snort Olbas oil. See you next week.





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My first MMA session

My t-shirt is drenched in sweat and lightly bloodied from scratches. My hair feels like I’ve just come out of the shower. The adrenaline is slowly fading.

I’ve just had my first MMA session.

Fitness is something that I always want to try and work on, and MMA has caught my eye for a while. I used to do Tae Kwon Do, which fit me and my body well, but ended up stopping due to lack of funds.  But now I have a decent paying job and I heard about this MMA place nearby, Warriors MA Peterborough.

I’d been in before, checked the place and had my free first session today. It didn’t fuck me up as much as my boot camp session, but close. The instructor was friendly but took no bullshit either, which was perfect. Hitting the floor was no fun, but I’d expected that. We trained in clinches, and taking the other guy down from it, which is essentially clinching them by the neck and either getting a choke hold in or throwing them. Fun to do, not so fun to have happen to you. And now I have a gumshield, I can take part in the shoot training next week and hopefully not gas out…

Clinching-definitely not man love.

So yeah if you’re looking to get fit and fancy paying to be slammed and slam others, I’d recommend MMA.

I’m gonna go shower, take some aspirin, and hopefully sleep enough to make my 8-4 shift tomorrow seem perfectly fine…


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One year today!

So today marks one year since I started this blog!


I realise I’ve been quiet for ages, but it’s because of two things. One, I’ve not had a lot of time to put much effort in with my job and being tired and all. Two, it started bringing me down. 


When what you write about tends to be about the news, and thus the shittyness in the world, and that’s all you look at, it stresses you out and brings you down. Or rather, it did me at least. Why would I spend my free time doing that?


So that’s going to change. From now it’s going to be more about me, my thoughts, opinions on life, philosophies, cool new things I’ve found, cool old things I’ve found, funny stuff, philosophies, etc. Things that are fun to talk about, rather than massacres in the middle east and LBGT persecution. They’ll still feature, but they won’t be my main content. 


Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully I will too.


Enjoy your evening 



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Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor!

So if for some reason you haven’t heard already, Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor! If you don’t know who he is, you’re not the only one. However this time he’s not exactly an unknown, having been nominated for a few dozen awards and winning a few, including an Oscar.

He’s also starred in Doctor Who previously as Caecillius in ‘The Fires of Pompeii’, joining the likes of Freema Agyeman and Karen Gillian as ‘actors used in an episode that were used again for a totally different major role’. He’s also the first one I have no doubts will be good; not because of his history, but because past experience has shown that they don’t pick bad actors to be the Doctor.

As a side note to the people who think the Doctor should’ve been black or a woman and feel they’re under-represented in the show:

  • Rose Tyler saved the Doctor by absorbing the Time Vortex
  • Martha Jones (black and a woman), essentially hiked around the world to tell everyone to think the Doctor’s name at one precise moment.
  • Donna Noble literally saved the entire universe.
  • Mickie Smith helped lead the fight against the Cybermen in an alternate reality, then came back and went freelance here.
  • Clara Oswin literally walked into the Doctor’s time stream.

So please don’t say black people or women are under-represented. It’s just silly.

Have a good evening 😀


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