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A Tale of Two Hoodies, or the art of a misinformed man

  Recently, well know artist Michael D’Antuono had the above painting that he was selling removed from eBay for the following reason: “[t]he painting you listed appears to contain images or icons associated with the KKK which are not allowed

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Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor!

So if for some reason you haven’t heard already, Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor! If you don’t know who he is, you’re not the only one. However this time he’s not exactly an unknown, having been nominated for a few

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Stefan Molyneux: The truth about George Zimmerman

So I’ve been on a bit of a self imposed and unannounced hiatus due to trying to get into my work routine, and for the benefit of my mental health I figured it would be for the best for a

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Toyota donating meals for views

Car manufacturer Toyota will donate one meal per view on this video to the New York Food Bank, up to a limit of 125,000 views (on top of the 250,000 they’ve already donated). They also helped to hugely increase efficiency

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On Friday 7th of June, it was released that the NSA has a top secret data gathering program called PRISM that has access to peoples online data from companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google. While they’ve each issued a

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The Turkey Protests

What started as a peaceful demonstration against the conversion of Gezi Park into a shopping mall has turned into country wide demonstrations and pitched battles of activists vs riot police, with the riot police winning. After a long period of

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Xbox One and PS4 on pre-order from for £599.99

Amazon have listed both the Xbox One and the PS4 as available to order for pre-release for £599.99, although if they price decreases before release you pay the lower price.  What’s more interesting is that in the Frequently Bought Together

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