Nostalgic ranting

A combination of going through the QC archives and reading the few posts where Marten and Dora start talking again and listening to Bastille has made me super nostalgic for summers past.


Going to a party I actually enjoyed and wanted to stay surrounded by people I knew and had all the time in the world for.


Magners in hand, Case or Ethan sat next to me,shooting the shit in the back garden or down the park.


Teaching Case how to play Magic: The Gathering on a bridge. Literally, sitting down, on a fucking bridge.


Doing shit with people in general.


It’s times like this that really make me question the benefits of working outside of the financial. We have a limited amount of time to enjoy life whilst our bodies are still capable of doing so, but we instead chose to spend a vast majority of that time working, and there’s a pretty strong chance that we sacrifice our health and well being in some way to do so. 


It just seems sad that our survival tends to heavily rely on sacrificing aspects of our life. It seems sad that in order to support ourselves we sacrifice years of our lives to what is usually repetitive tasks until we can no longer, when time is our most scarce resource. Our time should be invaluable, and yet we put hourly or yearly price tags on it.


And it seems sad that all the paragraphs you could write about the reasons we have to work, it all boils down to 1 sentence.


That’s just how life is.



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