My pink teddy bear


So on Okcupid there’s the ‘what’s the most private thing you’d be will to share’ section (yes I use okcupid, deal with it). Well, mine is simple: I still sleep with a teddy. The above pink hippo in fact. There is a story, if you can read it between your laughs.

A few years ago, after I took myself of my anti depressants, I had my second major breakdown, perfectly timed at about 5pm on a Friday meaning I wouldn’t be able to see my GP for a few days. Needless to say that weekend saw me not shower, change out of my pjs, or do much other than eat, sleep, and lay on the sofa watching terrible tv and occasionally crying. Not because of the terrible tv, but the depression thing.

Around about Sunday lunchtime my mum and sister noticed me cuddling a pillow, just for that comforting feeling of having something in my arms. My mum proffered her giant donkey teddy, easily half my size,  which I immediately rejected for being too big. My sister proffered me the pink hippo, and you’d better believe I didn’t let go of that all day; mum thought she’d have to pry it out from me when I went to my GP.

Over the years, my mental state has got a lot better, but more often than not I still sleep with it for that extra reassuring comfort, even if I stay at a friends. This naturally worried my girlfriend at the time, who was kinda hoping not to have three in the bed :p.  Needless to say, I made that sacrifice.

So that’s my most private thing I’m willing to admit to the Internet. What’s yours?


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One comment on “My pink teddy bear
  1. awkwardcharm says:

    I have a blog where I discuss my most awkward moments in life — it’s fairly revealing 🙂 Good luck on OK Cupid!

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