Why I’m not boycotting Ender’s Game

For the benefit of those who don’t know, Ender’s Game was the first novel in the popular sci-fi series written by Orson Scott Card. Recently, it’s been turned into a film (finally) released this month, but already people are planning to boycott it. Why? Well, Orson Scott Card is a bit of a dick.

And not just because of his ridiculous signature (source:Wikimedia commons)

Unfortunately, Card actively campaigned against pretty much anything to do with gay rights and has not been shy when it comes to expressing his opinions on the matter. Although he recently stepped down as president of the anti same sex marriage group, the National Organization for  Marriage, after calling the debate on the topic ‘moot’ due to two Supreme Court rulings in favour of gay marriage, his views have pissed off a lot of people, with the pro-LGBT group GLAAD calling for a boycott.


I won’t be joining them though. Yes, Card’s bigotry doesn’t exactly endear himself to me, but that’s not really what his books are about, and it’s not views shared by the actors or producers of this film. By seeing this film, I’m not supporting a hate campaign or agreeing with his views, I’m saying ‘I loved your book, and I’m hoping to love this film.’ Nothing more.


So if you’ve read the book and are wondering whether to see the film or not, don’t let your decision be swayed by the author’s opinions. Check the cast and directors, read the book if you haven’t already, re-read the book if you have, and decide whether you think this will be worth your money.


See you there


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9 comments on “Why I’m not boycotting Ender’s Game
  1. M/E - Sorry dude. says:

    ”By seeing this film, I’m not supporting a hate campaign”
    O.C.Card uses his money to support anti-LGBTQ organisations. Money that you spend on watching this film goes to O.C.Card.

    You /are/ supporting a hate campaign. Your money is being used to fund anti-LGBTQ organisations. And in return you get to sit in a comfy chair whilst you watch a movie and pretend that you’re not doing anything wrong just because you cant directly see the result of your actions.

    • Except he’s not actively part of any anti-LGBTQ campaigns anymore. He stepped down the National Organization for Marriage, calling the debate moot.He’s recognised that his views aren’t in the majority and stepped down from the fight. He’s still a homophobe, but that’s not going to change anytime soon.

  2. twohp2few says:

    Well said. Interested to see how it turns out. Really enjoyed the book.

  3. a says:

    How can the thought of giving this despicable man any money at all not make your stomach turn. I find the idea of supporting him to be physically repulsive. I love the book, truly. Yet it still sickens me to know that someone gave money to gift it to me. I feel like a traitor, not an ally. How can you not?

    • Because I’m not supporting his bigoted message, the same way every time I buy an iPod I didn’t feel bad about sending money to Jobs’ dictatorship. I’m among the first to say his bigoted views are wrong, but at the same time he’s created a wonderful piece of sci fi, and it’s that which I’m supporting in the hopes the franchise can grow. His views are burned into public consciousness, but they have nothing to do with this film, just like John Travolta’s scientology believes have nothing to do with Hairspray.

      • M/E says:

        But you are supporting his bigoted message. By spending money on this film you are saying “I recognise that this man is a giant asshat, but I don’t care enough to let that fact deter me from enjoying a film that funds bigotry”

        You’re making excuses for yourself so you can try to enjoy it guilt free. And I get that. If I could let myself believe in the excuses I’d go and see it too. But don’t sugar coat it. Don’t pretend like its okay. If you’re going to give in to the temptation at least acknowledge that’s what you’re doing. Admit that you know you /shouldn’t/ see it, even if you still will.

      • But I genuinely don’t have any guilt. I can’t stop his opinions, and if he wants to spend the fraction of my ticket price and his time on spreading his opinions, fine. I’ll spend my time and money plugging my opinions out there online and face to face with people. This isn’t going to stop me appreciating good literature and cinema, nor will it stop me celebrating improvements in rights for the LGBTQ community. Ender’s Game isn’t a celebration of homophobia, it’s a fantastic sci-fi novel, and I don’t have any guilt in supporting what seems to be a well made film.

  4. M/E says:

    ”By seeing this film, I’m not supporting a hate campaign or agreeing with his views, I’m saying ‘I loved your book, and I’m hoping to love this film.’ Nothing more.” This sounds like excuses. I understand that you’re hoping to love the film because you love the book. But what you’re saying is that supporting bigotry is worth it. Whether or not he stepped down from the NOfM is irrelevant. His views haven’t changed and the more publicity he gains from sales of this film, the more opportunities he is going to have to spread his vile opinions in a very public way.

    • I’m not supporting bigotry, I’m supporting a film, and his opinions are already extremely public, from his news columns in the New York Times to the press the film received very early in the year. Nobody working on the film agrees with his views, something they’ve been very vocal about. It sucks that Card is a dick, but that doesn’t really affect this story or impact its morals. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are public members of the Cult of Scientology, but thay doesn’t stop me purchasing and loving their work, just because their believes are nutty.

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