I have a virus. I’d like to point out this isn’t ‘man flu’. I’m sick with a virus.

Naturally the thing to do is take the recommended dose of paracetamol and ibuprofen, rest, and wait. Eventually, my body’s immune system will do its job. Eventually.

It’s decided to watch Breaking Bad first.

Rest is arguably the most important part of recovery, allowing the body to do it’s thang. However, I also suffer from being employed, and now face a catch-22 situation. Actually, it’s the same situation I’ve face all week.

Rest, get better, and lose a few days pay, or work, get paid, but prolong the duration of the virus.

It’s a decision we all have to make at some point. Personally, I use my mother as a gauge; if she takes one look at me and say ‘no, you need to stay home today’, I’m probably quite sick, considering a) she’s a mum, and knows, and b) this is a woman who has spen the majority of our lives pushing me out the door to school, trying to get rid of me. If she thinks I should stay home, I should probably stay home.

But it is a tricky thing to decide. On the one hand, if we’re ill, we’re not going to be as productive in the team, we’re likely to spread what we have, and depending on the job, we could be outright dangerous to have in the work place. Yet on the flipside, could we afford to have a day off? According to a Kimberly-Clark Professional survey, 60% of Americans don’t think so.

What do you choose-your health, or your bank balance?

I’m going to go snort Olbas oil. See you next week.





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One comment on “Rest
  1. Go to work, you woman x

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