My first MMA session

My t-shirt is drenched in sweat and lightly bloodied from scratches. My hair feels like I’ve just come out of the shower. The adrenaline is slowly fading.

I’ve just had my first MMA session.

Fitness is something that I always want to try and work on, and MMA has caught my eye for a while. I used to do Tae Kwon Do, which fit me and my body well, but ended up stopping due to lack of funds.  But now I have a decent paying job and I heard about this MMA place nearby, Warriors MA Peterborough.

I’d been in before, checked the place and had my free first session today. It didn’t fuck me up as much as my boot camp session, but close. The instructor was friendly but took no bullshit either, which was perfect. Hitting the floor was no fun, but I’d expected that. We trained in clinches, and taking the other guy down from it, which is essentially clinching them by the neck and either getting a choke hold in or throwing them. Fun to do, not so fun to have happen to you. And now I have a gumshield, I can take part in the shoot training next week and hopefully not gas out…

Clinching-definitely not man love.

So yeah if you’re looking to get fit and fancy paying to be slammed and slam others, I’d recommend MMA.

I’m gonna go shower, take some aspirin, and hopefully sleep enough to make my 8-4 shift tomorrow seem perfectly fine…


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