One year today!

So today marks one year since I started this blog!


I realise I’ve been quiet for ages, but it’s because of two things. One, I’ve not had a lot of time to put much effort in with my job and being tired and all. Two, it started bringing me down. 


When what you write about tends to be about the news, and thus the shittyness in the world, and that’s all you look at, it stresses you out and brings you down. Or rather, it did me at least. Why would I spend my free time doing that?


So that’s going to change. From now it’s going to be more about me, my thoughts, opinions on life, philosophies, cool new things I’ve found, cool old things I’ve found, funny stuff, philosophies, etc. Things that are fun to talk about, rather than massacres in the middle east and LBGT persecution. They’ll still feature, but they won’t be my main content. 


Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully I will too.


Enjoy your evening 



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