Stefan Molyneux: The truth about George Zimmerman

So I’ve been on a bit of a self imposed and unannounced hiatus due to trying to get into my work routine, and for the benefit of my mental health I figured it would be for the best for a while.

However, with all the news and reporting surrounding the George Zimmerman trial and subsequent verdict, I felt it best to share this pretty important video with you all. It’s world renowned philosopher and activist Stefan Molyneux, and he talks about key facts nicely glossed over by pretty much everyone, like how Treyvon wasn’t at all cherubic and was in fact pretty well built. It’s 35 minutes long and also talks about how racial stereotyping is bad whilst throwing statistics about how black parenting is predominantly done by women who like to spank their kids, but the points about Zimmerman is pretty important. Go watch and be educated.

Hope you’re enjoying summer more than I am!


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