On Friday 7th of June, it was released that the NSA has a top secret data gathering program called PRISM that has access to peoples online data from companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google. While they’ve each issued a statement that they have never heard of such a program and only comply with legal requests for data as per the law, each were mentioned in a top secret slideshow leaked by a former NSA/CIA contractor named Edward Snowden, currently hiding in Hong Kong.

What’s worse is this is quite possibly legal.

While we’re assured by politicians across the world that the majority of us law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear from this, I’m not entirely convinced. When so much of our personal data is online nowadays, I think we’re entirely right to be worried that it’s being collected and used by government intelligence agencies, especially when we’re told of a program like Prism.

When it turns out the most secure way of sending information or communicating with someone is by a handwritten letter, something’s gone wrong.



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