I’m sorry Xbox, but I think we should see other people.

It’s nothing personal, Xbox, it’s just that there the spark has gone out of our relationship. You must’ve noticed that I haven’t spent much time with you recently; there’s just been nothing that makes me want to play you anymore.

The truth is, I’ve found someone else; PS4. She’s cheaper even with live subscription fees, similarly specced to you, and, well, looks like this.

To be frank, I’m also tired of having to defend you to my friends.First it was the Kinect 2 being always on, and now you’ve confirmed that we’ll have to check in online once per day so you can check up on us. That’s just needy.

Not to mention your crap about used games. You wanna know how I want to share games? Well, yeah, your way, by sending it online. but seeing as you’ve made that an arseache, I’ll take Sony’s way.

So I’m sorry Xbox, but it’s over.

I’ll miss you.


PS. Not been blogging much because I’m actually working (I know right?). Aiming to get regular again this weekend 🙂

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