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Iona McGoogan, I’m so fucking proud of you!

So my close friend who’s ironically not that close physically Iona did a 12 week body boot camp with Fit Body up in Glasgow, and this is the progress she made. Aside from her being an incredibly important part of my

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Toyota donating meals for views

Car manufacturer Toyota will donate one meal per view on this video to the New York Food Bank, up to a limit of 125,000 views (on top of the 250,000 they’ve already donated). They also helped to hugely increase efficiency

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Useful Tim Ferriss talk on how to learn a new skill effectively by deconstructing it

Tim Ferriss, bestselling author of The 4 Hour Work Week and The 4 Hour Chef, amongst others, delivers a talk on how to quickly master a new skill based on the DiSSS system. Really interesting and useful if you’re like

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On Friday 7th of June, it was released that the NSA has a top secret data gathering program called PRISM that has access to peoples online data from companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google. While they’ve each issued a

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Follow me on Bloglovin!

I first heard about Bloglovin from Alice from Alice Louise’s Wonderland and thought ‘cool idea’. And I was right. It’s essentially like a WordPress/Blogger/pretty-much-every-blogging-platform dash, with the exception that you can follow any site. Think an RSS reader for blogs, or

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I’m sorry Xbox, but I think we should see other people.

It’s nothing personal, Xbox, it’s just that there the spark has gone out of our relationship. You must’ve noticed that I haven’t spent much time with you recently; there’s just been nothing that makes me want to play you anymore.

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The Turkey Protests

What started as a peaceful demonstration against the conversion of Gezi Park into a shopping mall has turned into country wide demonstrations and pitched battles of activists vs riot police, with the riot police winning. After a long period of

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