Soldier murdered in Woolwich

A soldier has been killed in Woolwich by two men this afternoon. They first hit them with their car, then proceeded to hack and stab at the soldier to death while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, or God is Great in Arabic. Armed police arrived on the scene moments after, and fired upon the two men, one of which spoke to a witness filming the scene (Warning: link is possibly upsetting). Both men are currently in hospital.

While politicians are attending an emergency COBRA meeting, and the Muslim Council of Britain have already denounced this act of terror, it’s important that we remember two things. One, that this is a small select group of people, not the entirely religion or race. Racist attitudes and slurs are unnecessarily and fuel these events. Two, no matter what the situation, no human being deserves to die. These terrorists will be treated and tried, their punishment handed out by the law of this land, as is just. As Plato said in ‘Republic’, it is not the property of the just man to treat his friend or anyone else badly. It is the property of his opposite, the unjust man’.  Please bare both these thoughts in mind.

My thoughts go out to the victims’ family and friends who have lose their friend/son/brother, and to the families of the attackers, who may have had their family rocked by this senseless crime.

I’ll post an update tomorrow.



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  1. […] been a number of updates to yesterday’s story of a soldier decapitated in Woolwich  yesterday by two muslim men, which the newspaper The I noted was the first time decapitation […]

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