Microsoft announces the Xbox One

Last night, Microsoft revealed their new console, the Xbox One, to cheers and applause. While that cheers and applause apparently came from the back of the room and not journalists, the console itself seems worthy of a good deal of praise. Naturally, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about it.

What does it look like?

Or what I’d call, a sexy NES.

What can it do?

A large portion of the announcement was spent talking about how it does a lot of stuff to do with TV, hence this parody. Specifically, they’ve teamed up with the NFL to bring some live content over, you can watch your favourite shows, yada yada yada. More importantly, you can control all this with the new Kinect, and by control I mean voice control.

The new Kinect can now track 6 skeletons at once, as well as capture fine details and facial features. You’ll also note the 1080p, 60 fps HD camera, with has a 60% greater field of vision, and can apparently monitor your heartbeat. The actual handset will have extra share buttons like the PS4, and will be charged by micro usb, removing the need for batteries.

It also has a blu-ray play, Skype capabilities (a given, seeing as it’s now Microsoft software) and DVR like tech for saving games as well as saving games to the cloud. Fortunately, the rumours of needing an always on connection to the internet to play is false, although the connection is needed for some content.

The last bit I want to talk about is the triple OS system it runs. It’s going to have 1 OS for the gaming, 1 which will be a simplified Windows, and 1 who’s job will be to allow you to seamlessly move between the two, so you can game and Skype without experiencing lag for example.

What games have been announced?

So far, Fifa 14, Madden 25, NBA 14, and UFC by EA (complete with a new graphics engine and some exclusive content for XBox), Forza 5, Quantum Break by Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment, and Ryse by Crytek. Microsoft have also announced they have 13 more exclusive titles in the works, 8 of which will be new franchises. Oh, and of course, COD:Ghosts, which will apparently release all new content on the Xbox first. You’ll also be able to play it at 60 fps, which made plenty of people orgasm.

How does it compare to the PS4?

We don’t know for sure yet, because Sony haven’t shown anyone their console. Spec wise, both will have 8GB of RAM, an 8 core AMD processor, and your various ports. While Microsoft are offering up their cloud service and DVR capability for saves, Sony announced that you’ll be able to stream your game so that friends, or whoever really, can watch you play live, so that’s one difference.

Storage wise, the Xbox,will have 500GB of hard drive, while the PS4 will have a ‘very large’ one. Yup, those exact words. While the PS4 will be able to use the PS Vita as a second screen, which will mean you’ll have to buy a PS Vita, the Xbox can use either a Windows Phone or Windows tablet. Neither will be backwards compatible, both will have have new social functions, both will support 4k resolution (although it’s not clear if the games will have that on Xbox)…

You’ll notice there’s a great deal of similarities here. The key differences are PS4 will have some different online things, Xbox will have decent voice control, lots of entertainment stuff, better motion detection, but otherwise, both are fairly similar.

Another similarity is we have no price or release date for either, both companies choosing to make us wait until E3. If history is anything to go by though, the Xbox will be cheaper, which will probably make it the better deal.

What did you think of the announcement, and what are your thoughts on the console in general?



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