1 year old baby slammed on the floor by his father.(RAGE/DEPRESSION TRIGGER WARNING)

The title pretty much says it all, but I’ll go on. This gif posted to r/WTF on Reddit shows a chinese man slam his baby on the floor whilst arguing on the phone with his wife. According to this severely broken translation of a news article, the child was in critical condition, suffering from a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain. The father is currently in custody.

Why am I writing about such a sick and tragic event? Two reasons. The first is inspired by a facebook conversation I had the other day with a friend who was surprised at child prostitution. The cold hard truth is that while humans show a great deal potential for performing wonderful acts of love and kindness, we are a species with a huge amount of destructive capability, whether that’s using nuclear weaponry, or viciously attacking a child so completely dependant on it’s carers. While we each have the potential in us to do great harm and evil, we also have the ability to help prevent it. Whether that’s actively supporting and championing the cause you’re closest too, like cancer, or child abuse, or simply smiling or performing a random act of kindness to a complete stranger. In the face of all this evil, your actions big or small can have the power to fight it off, bit by bit.

The other reason hits closer to home. Everyone of us has, or has had, a parental figure at some point in their lives, and some of us will have children. Hopefully a good number of you reading this will have avoided abuse, and have experienced that strong bond as either the child or parent, or even both. In the face of horrific acts like this that are far too common in the world, I’d like you to reflect on how lucky you are to have been raised by your parent,s or to have been blessed with your child, or children. Take some time to give them a call, tell them you love them, even show them you love them. Love is our greatest tool; lets use it.

If you, or anyone you might know or suspect is/has been abused, please seek help from either your support lines or the authorities. You have the power to make a difference. Use it.

Love to you all


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