The Importance of Sleep

Sleeping is a stupidly important part of our lives, and sleep deprivation is incredibly bad for every aspect of our health, and yet two thirds of adults don’t get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation causes accidents, weight gain due to an excess of the hormone cortisol, aged skin, forgetfulness, depression, and a drop in your ability to concentrate and problem solve. 90% of people with sleep insomnia also have other health issues. Hell, a lack of sleep will kill you quicker than starvation. Yet many of us will prioritise work, education, or going out on the piss over getting a good night’s sleep. We also reject napping, despite it’s known benefits to improve creativity, stamina, alertness, and so on.

I’m a poster boy for all of this. If I don’t get to bed before half 10/11, my mood turns snappy, my concentration turns to crap, and the only thing I want to is get the hell to bed (as my D&D group might’ve noticed last night-sorry guys!). A lack of sleep leaves me undermotivated to do anything, but a nap can save my mood and the day. Some of my best writing and creations happen after a good half hour to an hours nap. Suprisingly, napping after a small cup of coffee can be extremely beneficial; try it and see.

Naturally, the amount of sleep we need will change with our age, decreasing as we get older. The average adult needs around 7/8 hours sleep a night, whereas babies need around 16 hours of sleep.

How much sleep do you get?


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