Please stop making up subtext

This is a post in reaction to a tumblr post I saw over the weekend, claiming that J. J. Abrams is pointing out that brown skinned people aren’t clever enough to outsmart the crew of the Enterprise because he picked a white man to play Khan and in the original, he was brown skinned. Next came a stream of things that essentially said ‘all coloured people are used for in movies is for cannon fodder or for actiony stuffy’.

This, as well as people who like to make things out to be sexist, or homophobic, or just plain offensive in it’s subtext, is pretty unlikely. I’m fairly certain Abrams didn’t go to his casting guy and say ‘Khan has to be white because coloured people are retarded’. I’m fairly certain he looked at Bernard Cumberbatch’s recent work and went ‘that dude could play Khan’, if he picked him at all.

Now, I know better than to get pissed at a Tumblr post alone (mostly) but, like I hinted, people do this on a regular basis. In Doctor Who for example- the Doctor kissing Rory, a straight male who didn’t want the kiss? That’s great, and funny, and ship ship SHIP! The Doctor kissing a woman who’s gay and didn’t want it? OUTRAGEOUSLY OPPRESSIVE AND SEXIST AND HOMOPHOBIC AND FUCK YOU MOFFAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, can’t we just take it face value? Does everything have to have a hidden reason?

Silly fandoms


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3 comments on “Please stop making up subtext
  1. Christina says:

    This is great. People are so uppity and offended by everything nowadays and it’s obnoxious!

  2. AGAIN. People are stupid. I really hate it when people are so quick to judge or jump to conclusions like that, but we’re all guilty of it at one point or another.

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