Founder of Moodscope leaves

If you or someone you know suffers from depression, you may have heard of Moodscope. If you haven’t, Moodscope is a mood tracking service that uses a technique modified by founder Jon Cousins after falling victim to depression. He used a system of 20 cards, each with a descriptive word, like nervous, or angry, and the numbers 1 to 4 printed on either end of both sides. By turning the activity of rating his mood into a kind of game, he found a way to engage the more thoughtful and reflective part of his brain, turning it from a chore into a habit. Soon after he started to use it to track his own mood, his friends started asking how to use it, and thus was born.

I myself used Moodscope at pivotal points in my life, to measure my mood and my rise out of the worst parts of my depression. I’ve also met Jon in a professional setting, and was easily one of the high points of my life: how often is it that you get to a meet a stranger that helped changed your life?

On Friday, in his daily email to Moodscope users, Jon announced that he was leaving the company. Because the of the free nature of the site, with an option to subscribe for additional functions, he’s been going without salary, which naturally cannot go on forever. However, ever the entrepreneur, he’s moving on to his next project, having already released his free e-book Twisted Thinking and soon to be releasing his book Mood Nudges, which will contain 366 daily affirmations to help boost your mood. Every cloud has it’s silver lining, eh?

If you’ve ever used or continue to use Moodscope, and missed his email Friday, you can send/post any thanks and/or praise to the Moodscope blog. As you might expect, their email box will be pretty busy.

Stay happy.


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