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I was going to write about how Google is not the Internet Police…

…buuuuuuuut then I hard to start to rush through an essay, and got super tired, and honestly don’t have the rant in me (shocking I know). Instead, here’s a video of Samuel L. Jackson performing a 300 word monologue that

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Xbox One and PS4 on pre-order from for £599.99

Amazon have listed both the Xbox One and the PS4 as available to order for pre-release for £599.99, although if they price decreases before release you pay the lower price.  What’s more interesting is that in the Frequently Bought Together

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Holy Crap I start work on Monday

You know when you get advance news of something but it doesn’t really kick in until it gets closer to it happening? Yeah, that’s what I’m like right now. Even though I officially got the job nearly a month ago,

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Eric Schmidt: If governments want Google to pay more taxes, they should change tax laws

This week, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is quoted as saying ‘If governments want Google to pay more taxes, they should change tax laws’. To be honest, he has a point. More and more companies are being outed by politicians for

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The ‘Work Capability Assessment’-What’s going on?

The government’s, or rather Atos Healthcare’s, Work Capability Assessment has made it’s fair share of headlines, and not in a good way. It’s meant to determine whether people are able to work or not with whatever illness or disability they

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Woolwich Soldier Murder:Updates

There’s been a number of updates to yesterday’s story of a soldier decapitated in Woolwich  yesterday by two muslim men, which the newspaper The I noted was the first time decapitation had been used as an act of terrorism in the west.

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Pope Francis: Even atheists who do good are good people.

Pope Francis has done some unusual things, including washing the feet of women at the traditional Holy Thursday mass and breaking an unwritten rule dating centuries. I think, however, the statement that anyone who does good, regardless of religion or

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