Why do we actually care about St George’s Day?

St George’s Day is one of those strange occasions where everyone seems to be proud to be English. The English flag is hoisted above Number 10, flags are waved, and racist idiots rant more and more about how England should just be for the English. I’ve never really got the point though.

For one thing, we are by no means special. Other countries who share the patronage includes Georgia, Egypt, Russia, Bulgaria, Iraq, India, Romania, Greece, Portugal, and Ukraine. Then there’s dozens of cities, professions, and disease sufferers.

There’s also the fact that he wasn’t even English, but was Greek and eventually became an officer in the Roman Army. The famous story of him slaying the dragon was set in Libya, and it’s likely that he didn’t even come to England.

He does hold some importance as a saint though. He is one of the most important military saints, and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, his patronage being for the health of domestic animals.

So if you’re one of those people who find St George’s Day to be a day of English patriotism, try and bare in mind that a) he wasn’t English, b) likely never actually came here, c) is patron saint to a good portion of the immigrants you likely don’t want living here too, and d) is more helpful to your cat than to you.

On that note, Happy Saint George’s Day!


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2 comments on “Why do we actually care about St George’s Day?
  1. Rachel Jeffreys says:

    If you look over England’s history you will see it’s made up of people conquering it or otherwise migrating to it, and then people migrating and conquering from it. in both cases the culture is entirely made up of things stolen and adapted from other cultures. Therefore it is entirely appropriate to have a greek patriot saint who never came here.
    I’m sorry about the racists, but is England the only country with racists? I thought that was a problem for every culture.
    Does this mean that we cannot celebrate our being English? Just because we are constructed from other cultures, does this mean that we have not created a unique English culture from these pieces? Are there not good things about English culture that are worthy of celebration? By saying we cannot celebrate this is like saying that our culture is empty, and that we are rootless. This is not a good state of being for people. Not everyone attaches their identity to their culture, but most do and by celebrating it people feel better about themselves.
    I do not say that the English are better than any other culture, and i can moan about it like a true English person, but I still think it is important that we are allowed to celebrate it. Just like every other culture should be allowed to celebrate theirs. And if you happen to be in the area while i’m celebrating, I don’t care where you come from; come celebrate with me.

    • I’m not saying you can’t celebrate St George’s Day, in the same way I wouldn’t tell someone not to celebrate Eid. I just find the idea that it’s meant to be patriotic despite him being a patron saint of a great deal of countries and cities and even individuals ironic. Sure, our culture is derived from several over culture, but I don’t see that to be a source of patriotism; it’s hardly unique, or even particularly special.
      Saying that, you obviously have your reasons, and fantastic. Enjoy your day and your right to have an opinion!

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