Vanilla Coke returns!

Vanilla Coke was the Sunny D of my early teens, but without the the bartering (seriously, people would trade Sunny D for favours in infant school).  It was the best version of Coke ever to reach my mouth, and was cruelly taken away from me.

Until now.

You may think I’m being overdramatic, and you’d be right, but to me Vanilla Coke holds a large amount of nostalgia. That’s why when I saw the adverts for it, I knew I had to have some to see if it tasted just as good. I was not disappointed.

The faint vanilla aftertaste on the tongue sent my mind back to the summers I actually enjoyed, buying it t my local shop for less than a pound (no chance doing that anymore) and just smiling at it’s awesome taste. Hell, it even looks more appetising it a strange way. If it stays around long enough, I might even be able to bare this summer.

What’s your favourite food/drink from your teens that just gives you that glorious wave of nostalgia?

Happy weekend



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