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A list of people who are able to claim benefits a.k.a taxpayer’s money

I see far too many people ranting on about the amount of immigrants who ‘come over here for taxpayers money’. Ironically, some of them are on benefits. So I thought I’d make a list of other people who can claim

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Happy 6th month anniversary, Ms Rachael Victoria Galley

Since I couldn’t see you today, these are for you. And you say I never mention you in my posts 😉 Love you Nicky

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Sunil Tripathi was not a victim of Boston, but of his own mental health

If you paid attention to various news outlets during the Boston marathon tragedy, you’ll probably recognise the name Sunil Tripathi. If you don’t, he was a missing person wrongly identified by some on Reddit as being a suspect. Yesterday. his

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Why do we actually care about St George’s Day?

St George’s Day is one of those strange occasions where everyone seems to be proud to be English. The English flag is hoisted above Number 10, flags are waved, and racist idiots rant more and more about how England should

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From the Vault: The Strip Club

Originally posted on Project Southsea blog:
I have another story from my past to share with you all. I was reminded of this tale at the weekend. Several of my friends have been in long term relationships for a while…

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Vanilla Coke returns!

Vanilla Coke was the Sunny D of my early teens, but without the the bartering (seriously, people would trade Sunny D for favours in infant school).  It was the best version of Coke ever to reach my mouth, and was

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An Impasse

I’ve reached a(nother) point in my life where I’ve stagnated a bit. It usually comes after I’ve done something, in this case finished my javascript section on Codecademy and my bookkeeping stuff, and it gets progressively harder to move forward.

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