Should we be worried about North Korea yet?

North Korea have a reputation for making empty threats and kicking up a fuss to gain attention. Over the past few months, however, they’ve demonstrated that they have the ability to launch objects into space, something which hints towards the capability to build intercontinental ballistic missiles, and have performed several successful nuclear tests. They’ve also fired short range missiles into the Sea of Japan across from their old enemy, and estimates say that they can fire over 500,000 artillery rounds at Seoul in South Korea in a matter of hours, with whom they’ve also left their armistice pact.

You might say they’ve stepped it up a bit recently, but now, so have the South.

Whereas the South Koreans used to react with a ‘calm down, dear’ attitude (Ok, maybe a little more annoyed that that, but you get the gist), they’ve risen to the new tactics with the declaration that any show of force will be met in kind. With the American’s looking poised to jump in, and the North’s allies in China and Russia looking less and less likely to give a damn, with China even taking an active part in new UN sanctions , North Korea are looking more and more like they’re backing themselves into a corner with no hope of survival, this time with nuclear weapons. So should we be worried about North Korea?

While I’m not a geopolitics expert, I would say yes, but not on a global scale unless Russia decides to jump in. Although they seem to have been working on ballistic missiles, there’s no real indication that they can pose a serious threat to continental America like they want too. With Russia looking to try and keep the peace, I would say any war started will likely be contained in the Korean peninsula, and I don’t think that would last very long indeed.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we could be looking at WWIII, or is this just another big fuss about nothing?

Happy Easter by the way!





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