Bic pens (or Stationery Lover’s Tragedy)

I am a self confessed stationery freak. I enjoy spending ages in stationery shops like Colemans and Staples and just looking at all the pretty notebooks and pens. Oh god, the pens.

This is my crack.

So when my pens start running out, it’s usually a joyous occasion where I get to go look at the pretties and buy some of the cheaper ones. But with the recent months forcing me to spend money on less pretty things like food and utilities, I found myself doing something I haven’t done for at least two years.

I bought myself a Bic pen.

To most of you this is probably nothing to you, but I haven’t spent less than £3 on a pen in years. I love the feel of a nice made pen in my hand, allowing me to pen my thoughts and poetry and stuff. Now I’m left with a lesser biro, and a broken heart.

Accurate depiction of my inner child right now.

What’s your obsession? Stationery like mine, gadgets, penguin shaped objects? And what’s been your saddest moment with it? Write it in the comments; let’s get an obsessive support group going! 🙂

Happy Jesus killing day


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