So about that Lent thing…

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve given up giving up Facebook for Lent two weeks early. Although to be completely honest, I’d used it a couple of times beforehand anyway. Thing is, it was also an experiment and I got more than enough data from it.
For me, giving up Facebook is actually more harmful to me, as sad as that sounds. It negatively impacted on activities like my DnD gaming, which was primarily organised on our Facebook group. I spoke to less people than I normally would, no longer having the optiont of randomly chatting to someone on my friends list who I don’t see regularly for whatever reason. It didn’t even help my productivity in the slightest.
It did however leave a hole for twitter to start muscling in on my time.
Needless to say, its not something I’ll be doing again.
Have you ever tried giving up Facebook? How did that go for you?
Sweet dreams

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One comment on “So about that Lent thing…
  1. I’ve tried giving it up,but I always end up coming back. It’s an addiction!

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