I’m back, by the way.

Hello! Been gone slightly longer than I planned. Turned out I got quite a cold (not man flu, I will troll you into oblivion if that turns up on my comments -.-) over the course of my ‘break’ and it’s only just really started to clear up.

So for the forseeable future I’ll be back to posting as normal. This week I’ll be posting about the North Korean problem and whether we should be worried yet, and the Mars One program, because I’ve been informed I need to blog about. That brings me to another question of mine…

What do you want me to blog about?

I’m still going to be blogging what I want, when I want, but ultimately I’m also writing to inform/entertain you. So if you have a particular gripe about something, or know something really interesting that you think all the people should know, throw me an email and let’s get writing :). 

Also, I’m back on Facebook. More on that tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m going to continue my conquest of 16th Century Japan, and possibly nap. Who says unemployment sucks?



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5 comments on “I’m back, by the way.
  1. twohp2few says:

    This sounds like a Total War game is being played. Is a Total War game being played?

    • A Total War was indeed played!

      • twohp2few says:

        Such great games 🙂

      • My girlfriend bought me Shogun 2 for Valentines (shows the kind of relationship we have 😉 ) and she’s started to get me into the series. Pretty sure I’ll be buying the new Rome version this year for Christmas lol.

      • twohp2few says:

        I admit I’ve kind of fallen off the series because the computers I had stopped being able to play the games when Empire Total War came out, and I never found the drive to play them once I got a new computer. But I can safely say that I spent way more time than I should have on the original Medieval Total War and the original Rome Total War. I’m pretty excited to see what the new Rome is like and my expectations are definitely very high.

        And that sounds like a pretty awesome relationship to this gamer :). Just remember to play nice and keep the backstabbing to a minimum 😉

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