My Childhood Bully

When I  was an ickle kid, say 7/8ish, I used to go to my local park on my own sometimes. Just to clarify, by local park I mean the park across the road from me.

This is where I met my most prominent childhood bully.

Two distinct memories stand out. One of him throwing stuff at me whilst I was sitting on top of the slide set. Another was playing a giant game of football, thinking I was from him because I knew this big guy. I felt a lot less safe when he made the big guy cry.

Later in junior school, I saw him in the upper years. I instantly hated the sight of him. That was how I learned his name: Adam Ellyore. The spelling might be wrong, but that’s not really the point. The memories came back for a while, then I forgot as you do when you’re a kid.

In secondary school, I had a moment few people seem to do. I bumped into him in the dinner line, and he somehow recognised me. He apologised, laughed it all off and for lack of confidence I went with it. What I wanted to do was, in no uncertain terms, tell him to fuck off.

My experience isn’t particularly unique, and he wasn’t the only bully in my life. Some of you undoubtedly had a similar experience, or maybe even having that experience now. As cliché as it sounds, you really aren’t alone.

In any case, this video will most likely help you.

And if you’re watching, fuck you Adam Ellyore.



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