Inspiration comes from the strangest places

I apologise for any spelling errors- im using my phone, so auto correct etc.
So the other day I was walking home from Morrisons pretty stressed out at life. Then I met dave.
Yes, Dave.
Dave is an 85 year old man who hails from Scotland.  His life story sounds like it should be a best selling book. The kind people say they live by, but barely do.
He worked payroll up in the coal mines in Scotland before Thatcher closed the down. The next few jobs lasted a year,  and involved decamping before coming down to Peterborough and eventually ran his own financial advice business. He literally went where the jobs where.
Hia wife died 10 years ago from a misdiagnosed heart attack. Because of this he does two things. One, he tends to her garden every year in memory of her. Two,  he tella everyone he can about the difference between men and women having heart attacks (women dont feel the pain, apparently,  and therefore don’t grab their chests).
Because his grandson got a local young footballer style award, and was a huge Manchester United fan, he wrote to Sir Alex Furguson asking for a letter to show to his grandson. He got just that.
Every day he goes for an hours walk to get out the house.
He realises he’s getting old and probably won’t be able to tend the huge garden much longer. His response? He’s going to kick his arse till he gets up and does it apparently.
Why am I sharing? Im the hope that his story might inspire you, even slightly, like it inspired me.
Who is your inspiration? And how do they inspire you?
Good evening

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