Sinkholes, assholes, and chocolate bar resumes-my top 5 news stories of the week

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of my top 5 news stories of the week. Lots of big stories this week but here’s the ones that hit me the most.

Councillor refuses to resign after saying disabled kids should be put down

Colin Brewer, an independant councillor in Cornwall, UK, has refused to resign after being forced to write an apology to the organisation Disability Cornwall by a Standards Commitee. Why was this? Because in 2011, he walked up to a stand run by the charity and said ‘Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down.’

He later blamed it on a heavy council debate from earlier in the day, which is sort of the equivalent of blaming a bad day at work for verbally abusing your wife; a piss poor excuse. (Source: Political Scrapbook)

Openly gay Mississippi mayor candidate murdered

Mississippi’s first openly gay mayoral candidate was murdered last week and his body found in a river. Police say this wasn’t a hate crime, and the victims family and friends state that his murderer was actually his lover.  (Source: Clarion-Ledger)

Scientists use the internet to link rat brains together

Scientists at Duke University have managed to link the brains of two rats together enabling them to share sensory information and solve problems together, immediately making them more useful than political parties. (Source: The Verge)

Jeffrey Bush presumed dead after being sucked into a sinkhole

Floridian Jeffrey Bush is presumed dead after rescue workers have officially called off the search. He disappeared after a 60 foot sinkhole opened up under his bedroom, sucking him down. (Source:BBC)

Jobseeker gets a job using a chocolate bar resume

To add a little happiness to this week’s post, Nick Begley succeeded in getting a job by having his resume printed on a chocolate bar wrapper and then wrapped it round a Nestlé Crunch bar. That’s one way to separate yourself from the pack. (Source: Metro)

And that’s it for this week. As always, leave your thoughts and favourite stories in the comments!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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