I just want my phone to go ring ring…..

Recently, I experience the joy I get every two years-my mobile upgrade. While my beautiful and shiny Samsung Galaxy SIII mini titanium is gorgeous and wonderful and works brilliantly, I’m sick of the typical default ringtones, and I just can’t be bothered to fart around converting the song I might like as my ringtone for a while from iTunes, then put it on my phone. So I decided that I just wanted a normal, old fashioned, ringing sound.

I want to be this guy (xkcd.com)

Imagine my surprise when it’s on on the default tones anywhere. Instead I get bad techno/dance,one beep, 2 beep, and a basic bell which is actually the classic bell chime with techno behind it.

So until I find the app for the normal chime, I’m stuck with a rather pleasing guitar tune.

Thinking of it, I should really call this post ‘First World Problems-Smartphones don’t have a bring bring tone’.





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