Executed bankers, 4G auctions, and more North Korean threats- my top 5 news stories of the week

Welcome to this weeks edition of my top 5 news stories of the week! I’ve been a bit quiet this week due to a combination of the usual issues and essay writing, but that should resolve itself for next week. Anyhoo, back to business.

North Korea issues yet more threats

North Korea’s been a busy little dictatorship recently. Not only has it been breaking UN sanctions by conducting nuclear testing, but over the past week has threatened its neighbouring enemy, South Korea, with its ‘final destruction’ at a UN conference, and warned the US military commander stationed in South Korea that his forces would meet a ‘miserable destruction’ is his forces went ahead with scheduled military drills.

So same old, same old. (Sources: Sky, NY Times)

UK 4G auction raised £1 billion less than expected

Telephone regulator Ofcom’s auction of its 4G spectrum raised only £2.3 billion, just over a billion less than Chancellor George Osbourne expected. Fresh doubts have been raised over the Chancellor’s economic plan, and some pundits and MPs across the parties expect him to announce that the deficit is increasing further than expected in the next budget. (Source: BBC)

Iran passes the death sentences to 4 bankers for fraud

We’ve all thought of it from time to time, but Iran’s actually done it.

“Four people were sentenced to death on charges of corruption on earth and disrupting the country’s economic system,” Iran’s Judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei told reporters on Monday. Other defendants were sentenced to flogging, fine, or just barred from public office. (Source: Press TV)

NASCAR car crash injures fans

A chaotic car crash at the Daytona 500 yesterday caused a car to go airborne and several fans to be hospitalised by flying debris, which will probably end up their mantelpiece. (Source: Huffington Post)

Egyptian students arrested for doing the Harlem Shake

My personal favourite. 4 students were arrested after doing the Harlem Shake in public in their underwear in a middle class area of Cairo. Considering Egypts strict public indecency laws, I don’t think they’ll be down the student bar any time soon.(Source: Ynews)

And that’s it for another week! As always, feel free to leave your favourite stories of the past week in the comments below.

Happy Sunday


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One comment on “Executed bankers, 4G auctions, and more North Korean threats- my top 5 news stories of the week
  1. Vinamra says:

    I wish India could do the same thing about corruption. It’ll not only reduce corruption, but also a significant amount of population. It has become vast and so deep rooted!

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