The list of lists

So I’m a list maker: To do list, Recipe list, Project list, Things I hate more than baked beans list (that’s a small one), and recently the list of lists a.k.a a spreadsheet with 5 tabs.

You see every now and then I find a book, see a film or TV show ad, hear a band or artist or about a game or YouTuber or blog and I go ‘I really need to remember to look that up’ and then forget about it. Thus, the list of lists was born.

Unfortunately, I’m having to start from scratch because, well, I’ve forgot what was originally meant to go there. That’s where YOU come in.

In the comments below, to my email (, or telepathically, I want you to recommend me a book, tv show, film etc. It can be something you like, love, or hate, I will read/watch/listen/play it. Then, I will review it, and hopefully converse with you about it.

The reviews may or may not be put on here, not too certain on that bit. But I can guaruntee you’ll see them if you recommended it to me.

So please, recommend me all the things. I’ll make a page for the list of lists and update it regularly.

Have a great weekend



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3 comments on “The list of lists
  1. I tried to communicate with you telepathically dude but figured it may be best to comment too.

    I advise that you read ‘Yes Man’ by Danny Wallace and watch some of the videos on Start here But my personal favourites are Todays Topic ( and After Hours (

    Let me know how you get on mate.

  2. bunnypudding says:

    To make a list is to make fun! completely agree with but I rather enjoy a bit of as well! I had a spread sheet of must see things too, I’ll root it out and send it to you asap.

  3. Rebe says:

    I make tons of lists too!
    A book I recommend is: A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bryson), but the book itself is not short.
    TV show: Homeland (I’m 6 episodes in to season 1)
    Film: Amelie (if you’ve already seen it, I’ll recommend another)

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