The Pope resigns, free-trade talks, and a poisoned vagina-my top 5 news stories of the week

Hello, and welcome to my top 5 news stories of this week! Lots to choose from again, starting with…

The Pope resigns

Pope Benedict XVI has done what no man has done since the 1400’s-resigned from his position as the Pope and leader of Catholic Church.

Citing health and age as his reasons, he will cease being the Pope and be Cardinal Ratzinger again as of 8pm on the 28th of February.He is currently seeking diplomatic immunity just in case he gets any questions about protecting paedophilic Catholic priests. (Source: Everywhere>

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius suspected of killing his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Oscar Pistorius, the first double amputee to compete with ‘able-bodied’ men in the Olympics, is suspected of killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day. Neighbours reported hearing 3 gunshots followed by 3 more 10 minutes later.

Since the investigation started, police have found a cricket bat covered in blood,  which may have been used either by him to break down the door to the bathroom where she hid, or by her to defend herself against his attacks. Police have also taken his blood in anticipation of a ‘road rage’ defence in court (Source: Telegraph)

EU and US to create a free-trade agreement

The governing bodies of the EU and USA are set to begin talks on creating a free-trade agreement, estimated to boost annual GDP by 0.5%. Although talks are likely to last some time, if it works out the result will be one of the biggest economic deals in history. (Source: BBC)

East Asian physical traits linked to a 35,000 genetic mutation

Scientists last week found a specific genetic mutation in a critical human gene that has been identified as the source of several distinct physical traits in East Asians. The mutation occurred around 35,000 years ago, and is responsible for such traits as thicker hair shafts, more sweat glands, and smaller breasts. Interesting science. (Source: NY Times)

Brazilian woman tries to kill her partner by poisoning her vagina

Sometimes you just can’t make it up.

A woman tried to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina then inviting him to go down on her. surprisingly, he noticed a funny smell coming from there, and took her to the hospital to save her life, which is vital considering the vagina is extremely absorbent and the poison would seep into her body. (Source: Guardian)

And that’s my top 5 news stories of last week! As ever, leave the stories you found particularly interesting or surprising in the comments.

Take care


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