Give up Facebook for Lent

So Lent is upon us again! You know, that time of the year where you’re meant to give up at least one thing for 40 days, because who wants to go hungry during the day anymore, right?

Certainly not this guy.

I don’t usually bother with Lent, for the same reasons I don’t usually bother with New Years Resolutions; who cares? But this year I’ve think I’ve finally found something worthy of trying to give up. This year, for 40 days, I’m going to give up Facebook.

No, seriously.

Facebook is one of the most time-consuming websites I use. Check notifications, check messages, play Bubble IQ and laugh at FarmVille, browse, browse again, look at photo’s etc.  No matter how I try to cut it out, it always creeps back. I find myself habitually checking it every morning on my phone then again throughout the day.

Why will Lent be any different? Well, I’m one of those people who also habitually sets targets for himself, which then helps me want to do those things. Plus I’m using Lent as a kind of experiment; if giving up Facebook for 40 days actually helps my productivity, maybe it should a permanent thing?

So for the next 40 days, all that should be appearing on my timeline is linked posts from my blogs, or at least, that’s the plan.

Are you giving up anything for lent, or have you gave up Facebook before? As always, leave your stories in the comments.

Happy Ash Wednesday



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5 comments on “Give up Facebook for Lent
  1. I’ve not given up my crack addiction known as Facebook before (actually, I did try once and it lasted 43 minutes) but I used to give up things for Lent… things like cursing, or chocolate, or booze.
    My partner recently deleted his Facebook account, and he doesn’t seem to miss it at all. But then, he was not as addicted to it as he was annoyed by it, and therefore it’s easier for him.
    Good luck!

  2. Very nice goal. Hope it works out for you. I’ve taken on a New Years resolution of abstinence for self-pleasure that’s actually still going on. It’s really a question of how much is this thing controlling my life. I wish you the best of luck

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