Thank you!

So it’s official-this past week has seen me get the most views in one week, the most likes in one day, and the joint top views in one day. I’ve gained a few more followers (and hello to you all) and started a great discussion I’ll be returning to on Friday in my post ‘Why ‘live in the present’ is useless advice’. If you haven’t already done so, please give it a read and a comment, or even share to your followers/friends. Not only am I particularly proud of that one post, but like I say I’m planning to gather up everyone’s opinions and talk about it further next Friday.

Also, couple things to look out for in the next couple of weeks. I’m going to be starting a second blog called ‘Two Word Creativity’. Early followers may remember there being a page set up for it on this blog. Some of you will already know what this will be, but for the rest of you, you’ll find out soon. Just know that I’m both extremely excited and extremely nervous to see how it might turn out and evolve.

Secondly, in the links box in the bottom left had corner, there’ll soon be links to articles and blog posts I’ve either loved for the information or for the awesomeness. If there’s anything you think deserves to go there (including shameless self plugs), drop me an email at and I’ll give it a look. Also email if you want to do a guest post, or would like me to do one for you 😀

So yeah, thanks for the views, the help, and the comments, and I look forward to  (hopefully) entertaining/informing you.

Bonga bonga


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One comment on “Thank you!
  1. dsantos85 says:

    I love everything about this post!

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