Community’s back!!!

Troy and Abed back from Suuuuuummer!

So I’ve just finished watching the first episode of the new season of Community in between browsing Reddit ’cause letting the video buffer first is for people with patience. I have to say, even without Dan Harmon, it’s still a pretty strong show.

As someone who stayed the hell away from spoilers, the Hunger Deans was a pretty cool way to start the season. The show started after the Abed TV credits with a pretty obvious refresh of the group dynamics-Britta therapising (yup, new word) Abed, Tory and Britta’s relationship progressing, Troy and Abed being awesome, etc. Oh and Pierce barely had a part, which is awesome because fuck Pierce.

And yeah, okay, I missed watching 21 minutes of Alison Brie.

Wouldn’t you?(source: Magxone)

Admittedly it was fairly predictable in places, like Jeff choosing to dance the tango with the Dean, and his inevitable speech, but the Dean moving in next to Jeff was a cool way to end. Plus, Kevin has Changnesia ;).

I’m still a little worried the shows going to lose it’s special something without Dan Harmon, but it was a strong star to the season. And by that I mean, YAY COMMUNITY’S BACK AND IT DOESN’T SUCK!!!!

And I really want to see American Sword Cooks.



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