Chris Brown ‘deserves respect’, according to Chris Brown

So I thought I was going to post today about how I’ve had a crappy day and found a video that really helped (it’s here, by the way) but thanks to Reddit I found this gem from shit-stain Chris Brown:

“I love ya’ll but ya’ll getting repetitive telling me to go relax no im not gonna relax im makin an album right now… and yall tell me not to pay attention to it how can I not when its on my radio,tv and everything else…Even if I did relax I wouldn’t stop hearing about it.. yall are everything to me yall know this but telling me to ignore it is like telling me to walk around with a blindfold and stick ear plugs in my ear… Im wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough you!! Yes it bothers me but its not my main focus! My music is… and when I speak on it .. its because I want people to know how I feel.. Yes they talked about Jesus… but “him” I am not him, not even close!!! Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect im sick of being accused… Im Tired yall just don’t understand I’ve been going through this shit since I was 19 years old.. you cant sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? when can I get that feed back? Im TIRED do you read me im tired!!!!!! Im not gonna sit here and play victim, Im just tired of this shit… I pray every day and night for a new outcome… and just when everything seems to be going good some new shit happens.. A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not! Y’all don’t wanna be in my predicament … Before yall say im weak remember what ive been through.. My soul cries for positivity Im not broken I am STRONG….” (Source: MTV News)

Yes, Chris Brown, who beat Rihanna’s face to a bloody pulp, got given community service, ditched his community service, got a tattoo to commemorate his assault on Rihanna, had a fight with Drake apparently over Rihanna, failed a drugs test therefore breaking his parole, dressed as terrorists with his friends for Halloween,  had a sexist Twitter war with a female comedian, and last week assaulted Frank Ocean over a parking spot, says he deserves your respect, because you know, he’s been going through bad times since he was 19.

Got a feeling you might have something to do with that, Chris. Oh and kids, don’t do drugs. You might just end up like him.

See you Friday




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10 comments on “Chris Brown ‘deserves respect’, according to Chris Brown
  1. Your video led me to your favourite video playlist. I have had a great last half hour or so watching some of them!

    Chris Brown is one of the biggest douches in the universe!

  2. N. says:

    And STILL he has female fans swooning over him. *face bang on desk*

  3. I don’t understand why he can (in a sense) have a successful career. If I did half the things that he did, I would be fired in an instant.(coffee)

  4. What’s really sad is that both Chris Brown and Rihanna have music I would like if they weren’t so incredibly stupid. Also, he’s undoubtedly the biggest douche ever, but she’s pretty dumb, too.

  5. I’ve never been a fan of him, but this really made me dislike him now. Tsk, shame. :/

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