Hypocrisy, 100% tax rates, and mapping the living cell-my top 5 news stories of the week

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of top 5 news stories of the week! I summed up most of January’s events on Friday, but there’s a couple that I missed. For example,

Microsoft’s new 64GB Surface Pro tablet will have only 23GB usable storage

It’s fairly well-known that tech items like iPods and tablets never have the advertised storage space, due to things like the OS and apps. However, Microsoft has taken this to the next level, offering consumers 36% of the stated space on their new 60GB Surface Pro, because fuck consumers.

While you can use external hard drives or micro SDXC cards to add extra storage, it’s not the best press for a company coming off poor Windows 8 sales and reception. (Source: The Verge)

Electronic Arts takes a $45 million loss (but it’s still better than before)

Electronic Arts, also known as EA or the Worst Company in America, posted a $45 million loss last quarter, which while still a loss, is still better than the $205 million loss they posted the same period last year. The loss is blamed on the economy and weak Medal of Honor sales (probably because it’s not CoD or Halo) but at least they didn’t crumble like THQ. (Source: Escapist Magazine)

MIT get closer to mapping the living cell

Scientists at MIT have developed a technique that allows them to map the proteins in a cell with greater accuracy. That’s essentially as much as I can tell you about this story without devolving into jargon, but essentially while this is a huge leap forwards, they’re still really far away from mapping the complete cell. (Source: MIT)

David Cameron tells the UN to focus on extreme poverty

In a UN meeting in Liberia, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that the UN should focus on ‘erradicating extreme poverty’ in their new set of development goals. Meanwhile, back home, his government enforces harsh benefit cuts, and members of his cabinet  cry out for more to protect their own budgets, meaning the unemployed and poor can look forward to being poorer. Not quite extreme poverty I know, but still reeks of hypocrisy to me. (Source: BBC)
German ‘Left’ party want’s to introduce a 100% tax rate on the rich

Or ‘Socialism gone wrong’.

German political party The Left (guess what kind of party they are) this week announced that they would seek to introduce a 100% tax rate on anyone earning 500,000 euros per year. The money would then be invested in social welfare and the country’s future.

Strangely, I don’t think they’ll get very far with that. (Source: The Local)

That’s it for this week. Has there been a story last week you found particularly interesting? Please share in the comments!

Live long and prosper


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