January 2013:A month in review

In typical fashion, this last month seems to have gone by really quickly. That hasn’t stopped a whole lot of everything happening, and that’s what I’ll be talking about today.

So far four big businesses (that I know off) have filed for bankruptcy. HMV and Blockbuster are victims off online media sales and services like Netflix (although there’s apparently a possibility that the major record labels might try to save HMV). The camera retailer Jessops went down the pan as better smartphone cameras and online competition beat them down, but today it’s been reported that Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den fame has bought the company with a couple of investors . More recently, game developers THQ have filed for administration, with one of their franchises being sold for as little as around $600,000.

Moving swiftly into international news, Mali has become the latest African nation to take to the headlines, with the French leading the West in a military intervention against the Islamist rebels. North Korea have been shouting about their nuclear capabilities again, while the rest of the world tuts and calls them very naughtly. Oh, and Zimbabwe has $217 in it’s bank.

But it’s not all been doom and gloom! US women can now properly die for their country on the front lines!UK gun crime has fallen rapidly over the last decade!Oh, and if the Conservatives are still in power in 2017, we’ll get a referendum on the EU, which is good news for tabloid papers looking to make money by promoting anti-EU propoganda.

What have been your highlights of January? Have I missed some big story? Or have you just had an awesome/terrible January? Talk to me in the comments!

Enjoy your weekend!


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