An EU referendum, falling gun crime, and Apple’s falling share prices-my top 5 news stories of the week

Hello! Welcome to my top 5 news stories of the week. where I briefly explain the stories that I’ve seen over the past week that have particularly caught my eye, starting with…

David Cameron promises an ‘In/Out’ EU referendum

David Cameron has finally bowed to the pressure and promised to give us a referendum on whether we should stay in the EU. In 2017. If he’s still in power.

I’ve already made my feelings about such a referendum clear, and one of my favourite bloggers has written an article about what it is and all the stuff the media don’t tell you about Europe. If you are in the UK, please educate yourself on this matter, because it will affect us all. (Source: BBC)

Amount of requests for users’ Google data rising

New figures from Google’s new Transparency Report show that the amount of requests from governments for users’ data has been steadily on the rise, while the % of requests they partially or fully comply with is falling. Noteworthy facts to take away from the report includes the countries who filed the most requests, with the U.S. filing the most (as well as more than the top 5 countries below them combined). China isn’t to be seen in the top few countries, but that’s mainly because they prefer to hack users’ accounts for data. (Source: Cnet)

Gun crime in the UK has rapidly fallen

Over the last decade, gun related offences have fallen over 40% due to improved police intelligence, rising costs and rarity of firearms, and better community links. Fatalities have also fallen due to improved surgery for victims. So good news all round! Maybe the U.S. should be taking notes. (Source:The Independant)

Apple shares plummet

Last year, Apple had over $100 billion sitting in their reserves and their shares hit a record high of $702. Now that value has plummeted to $439.88, and CEO Tim Cook almost certainly is feeling some pressure about now.

Disappointing iPhone 5 sales are being blamed, but I think it runs deeper than that. As Cnet pointed out in an article I can’t find again (lrn2bookmark), when Steve Jobs was in charge we were told what we liked and didn’t like. We didn’t like stylus interfaces or an iPad mini, but we defintely liked, even needed, 1000’s of songs on an iPod. Now they’re listening and pandering to their customers, and it doesn’t seem to be going to well for them.

Maybe karma works on corporations, too. (Source: The Independant)

DNA is ‘perfect for digital storage’

Last week saw a UK team of scientists encode a scholarly paper, a photo, Shakespeare’s sonnets and a portion of Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech in a molecule of DNA, which was then read back with perfect accuracy.

While it’s not the first study of its kind, it does continue to highlight this tech that could well revolutionise data storage. Imagine biological hard drives in your  PC? I, for one, can’t wait. (Source: BBC)

And that’s that for another week. Any stories I haven’t posted here caught your eye, or have an opinion on any of the stories above? Leave it in the comments and let’s get some discussions going!

Enjoy your Sunday


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3 comments on “An EU referendum, falling gun crime, and Apple’s falling share prices-my top 5 news stories of the week
  1. Henry Toledo says:

    The google data post is pretty sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] has fallen rapidly over the last decade!Oh, and if the Conservatives are still in power in 2017, we’ll get a referendum on the EU, which is good news for tabloid papers looking to make money by promoting anti-EU […]

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