Snow! Wonderful, wonderful snow!

If yo live in Britain, you’ve probably been surrounded by the beautiful snow, and if you’ve done anything but enjoy it, then I am thoroughly disappointed in you. Really. Bad reader.

Every year it’s always the same: we get snow, and people moan about it to whoever listens. Every year, and I just don’t understand.

Can’t get to work? Go outside and enjoy the snow. Feeling cold? Wrap yourself up, make a hot chocolate and marvel at the natural beauty snow brings. Have children? Have fun!

In the last week I went for an amazing walk in the snow, watching families sled down hills and make snow angels; I’ve played with my cat in the back garden, throwing snow balls in the air and watching him try to catch them; and I’ve jumped over a school fence and made snow angels in the untouched snow in the school field. Okay, the fence was small, but the point stands.

Every time it snows, my inner child screams to be let out, and I’ll bet yours does to. So if you’re lucky enough to still have snow, do me and your inner child a favour; quit your moaning and enjoy it whilst you can.

Live in hope


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2 comments on “Snow! Wonderful, wonderful snow!
  1. Henry Toledo says:

    I live in Michigan -USA and we have been getting snow everyday so far this week. I hate it! It’s to hard to drive my sports car in the snow! It’s beautiful, but I hate it, lol.

  2. Down in Portsmouth we had snow for all of 2 days. It was awesome. Although we now have rain, sludge and ice.

    Also, I am laughing very loudly at Henry’s comment about hating snow because it makes it tough to drive his sports car! It’s a tough life eh?


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