Why I don’t trust the British public with an EU referendum

Yesterday the Daily Express had the tagline ‘It’s time to trust the people Mr Cameron‘, but I wouldn’t dare for the simple reason that they might just be dumb enough to vote ‘out’.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the EU is perfect, but I do think there’s just too much to lose by leaving the EU. Even Eurosceptic thinkthank Open Europe thinks so, as detailed by their recent report.

Trade, for example, is one of the biggest reasons people bring up in defence of the EU. As part of the EU, we have free trade with all member states, and 48% of all UK goods and services are exported to the EU. By leaving the EU, traders will face new tarriffs, and that’s after we negotiated new trade contracts which will take time. The other options trade wise include the ‘Norway option’, where we have access to the single market but little influence over the EU rules. But then would that be represented in an in/out referendum?

There’s also things like the economic crisis and power in Brussels. We are not, and likely never will, using the single currency a.k.a. the Euro, so that’s not a problem. The way wealth is distributed from the money sent to the EU is redistributed from the wealthy to the poor. The myth that we wouldn’t be bailing out EU countries is simply that: a myth. If the bailout involved IMF money, we would be linked, and considering the aforementioned point of how important they are to our trade, we would need to.

But the one shouted out a lot of the time is immigration, the Daily Mail’s favourite point. Walk around near any job centre, and you’ll hear about the Polish who come over here and steal British jobs. The simple fact is immigrant workers are good for our economy. I don’t think I have anything more to say on that point actually.

So no, as long as certain parts of the media and political back benchers hype up their Euroscepticism, I don’t think we should have a referendum, because I genuinely believe Parliament will be faced with a very large ‘out’, and that wouldn’t be good in the slightest.

But what do you think? Where do you stand on the issue of the EU? Leave you views in the comments and let’s get a debate going!

Props to be friend Becki’s post on the EU issue and this debate wise link for inspiring this post. Give them both a read!

Peace out


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One comment on “Why I don’t trust the British public with an EU referendum
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