Random Acts of Pizza

Yup, a second post, because screw the rules I….don’t have money.

Times are a bit hard at the minute, and as you might’ve have figured out from my earlier post I’ve not been particularly great today. However, something pretty awesome just happened.

You’ve probably heard of Reddit, but you may not have heard of the sub-reddit, Random Acts of Pizza, where people do random acts of kindness via pizza or similar. I posted earlier at a particularly shitty point of the day, and, well, I’m expecting pizza a little later on.

This single act of kindness from a complete stranger somewhere in the UK who has never seen, spoken, or probably even read anything I’ve put anywhere, has literally made my day. It’s put a genuine smile on my face, and brought me close to happy tears.

Pretty amazing, huh?

So if you ever felt like having the same effect on someone, give it a look. You’ll be amazed what seems like a simple thing can do to someone.

Not to mention it’s damn tasty.

Peace and love


P.S. Thanks for the thanks, guy who are thanking me for linking you but honestly, you all deserve it 🙂

P.P.S. Proof of pizza (minus the Diet Coke and huge grins)

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5 comments on “Random Acts of Pizza
  1. That’s awesome!
    This may have inspired me for my weekly RaoK (random act of kindness).

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