#cut4bieber (or /b/ strikes again)

Last night, I was stuck for inspiration for today’s post. Turns out, all I needed was a quick visit to Twitter, because /b/ had given me just that.

To clarify, /b/, or ‘Random’, is the most infamous forum on the message board, 4chan.org. While other news sites will just dump the blame on 4chan as a whole, I actually have visited the site in the past and know that the majority of the boards are legit and /b/ is the main source of these pranks/trolling escapades, so I’m reserving the blame for them. Also, fuck rules 1 and 2. Just in case.

So, last night, the guys over on /b/ had the idea to troll Justin Bieber’s fans, who are mainly 12-17 girls, by trying to convince them to cut themselves using the images that apparently show Justin smoking weed at a New Years party as bait. Nope, not lying or exaggerating . In fact, the words used were:

“Lets start a cut yourself for bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves”

The gullibility and willingness of Justin’s fans has been documented before, when /b/ got several of them to shave their heads last year, but this was a step up too far. #cut4bieber, along with #cutting4bieber amongst others, came with pictures of self harm and messages such as ‘you doing weed and I’ll stop cutting’. Although the pictures were faked (hopefully they all were, anyway), there was widespread outrage that they were trying inspire such a thing, and I don’t like the idea that someone might have found them triggering.

While Justin’s camp hasn’t commented on either this or the weed pictures, Miley Cyrus weighed in by essentially saying it’s wrong and sick. But let’s be honest; as long as there are obsessed fans who will believe whatever the media, their idol, or the internet says, things like this will always happen, and unfortunately, that’ll never change.

What is curious thought is why did Twitter not block the images? Surely tweets promoting self harm should be banned?

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2 comments on “#cut4bieber (or /b/ strikes again)
  1. I did a similar post to this and agree with the latter part, why didn’t Twitter stop the images from being uploaded, more should be done to stop this from happening again, I completely agree with your blog.

  2. Henry Toledo says:

    I found this trend quite disturbing when I saw the trend at its all time high. I don’t know how many actual girls cut themselves, but I hope it was zero. Things like this make me wish there was an IQ test required before getting access to social media sites. There was some comical pictures that were associated with the trend, which I thought were funny. For example, one was a screenshot of someone right clicking on the word “bieber” and clicking on “cut”.

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