Gay bishops, weird punishments, and of course, Ian Watkins-my top 5 news stories of the week

Welcome to the first edition of my top 5 news stories of the week of 2013! I’ll be changing up the format this month, but for now it’s the same as ever; 4 news stories I’ve seen this week that have caught my eye.For example…

Ian Watkins to be held in custody until hearing in March

You may remember that Ian Watkins was arrested in December on Child Sex charges and was refused bail. Well, Watkins and the two still legally unnamed women charged alongside him, appeared in front of magistrates  to give their names at a preliminary hearing before being taken back to custody until their plea and case management hearing on 11th March. Something tells me he might find it hard to sit down…(source: The Guardian)

Oregon proposes a per-mile tax on economical cars (again)

Because America loves money more than the environment, officials for the state of Oregon are proposing a per-mile tax on more environmentally friendly cars, under that notion that ‘if some road users pay tax and others don’t, that’s unfair’.  This is the second time they’ve tried to pass a Bill to this effect; the last time was 2011 and it didn’t even reach the House floor. The idea would be to use GPS technology to track how many miles on public road said vehicle drives and charge that way, or allow an annual charge like Washington will be starting February.

I cant help but feel that charging drivers of environmentally friendly cars specifically because they’re driving cars that use less or no petrol doesn’t really promote them to people. (Source: Kpic)

Guns N’ Roses guitarist tells young bands to be on time

Apparently missing the obvious irony. Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal from Guns N’ Roses recently said in an interview with Metal Hammer that young musicians  should ‘always be on time’ and only ‘massive goobers’ are late. I wonder if he’s ever called Axl that? (Source: Metal Hammer)

Church of England allows gay bishops (as long as they’re not women)

In a vote that happened before Christmas but wasn’t announced publicly until Friday, gay men in celibate same sex relationships are now allowed to become bishops. A welcome step in the right direction for most, however conservative christians have their misgivings (as always). Others see it as unfair to the up-coming Archbishop of Canterbury Right Rev Justin Welby, who starts in the role in February and is known to have opinions in line with conservative christians. (Source : The Independant)

Dad hires gamers to kill his son’s’ character over and over and over and…

A certain Mr Feng from China started to get annoyed by his sons’ constant gaming and self proclamation that he was a ‘video game king’, especially as he wasn’t doing well in school and wasn’t in work. So he did what any parent would.

Hired a bunch of gamers to kill his character whenever he went online.

Reportedly, however, it didn’t work, as the son turned around and said “I can play or I can not play, it doesn’t bother me. I’m not looking for any job — I want to take some time to find one that suits me.”

To be fair, if he really wanted to punish him, he could’ve forced him to work at Foxconn. (Source: Cnet)

And that’s that for this week. If you have any particular favourites, leave them  in the comments.

Have fun


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