Big Fat Quiz annoys parents, old people, and immigrant fearing arseholes (sorry, Daily Mail)

Channel 4’s annual show, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, hosted by comedian Jimmy Carr has generated a whole 160 complaints to Ofcom after being shown Sunday night. To put this into context, the show was viewed by 3.1 million people , so 0.00516% of viewers complained.

Ah, but as the Daily Mail reminded us, Sachsgate (where Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross prank called actor Andrew Sachs on radio) started off with only 2 complaints but ended up generating over 44,000 complaints to watchdog Ofcom. However that might’ve been due to the Daily Mail using its readership to complain against something they thought inappropriate, because that’s what newspapers often do.

So why are people complaining? Well, the Daily Mail helped there too.

All credit to the Daily Mail, both for copyright reasons and because I don’t want to be overly connected to stupidity.

As you can see, it’s mainly down to Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall, who’s recently been crowned the King of Comedy, and James Corden. The latter of those two also ate pizza and drank wine, which influenced a fair few of their jokes I’m sure.

The thing is none of those jokes are particularly new. People have made jokes about sperm, Joe Pasquale‘s voice, and the Queen for years. No, the big problem is this was shown at 9pm. Eh? But that’s after the watershed? Doesn’t matter, apparently, because it’s the holidays and children are bound to be watching TV at that time, and besides anybody can watch it on the internet.

I’m going to get to the point. Channel 4 did their job. They showed it after the watershed, gave appropriate warnings, and essentially did what was required. If you, as a parent, cannot be bothered to take control of the TV, use the parental controls to block inappropriate  content, or give you kids a bedtime during the holidays if they’re that young, or  decide that you’re going to shelter them from vulgarity forever, then maybe you’re not doing your job properly. If you’re a viewer and are complaining about it, well 1)it’s a Jimmy Carr hosted show; did you expect clean humour? and 2)how hard is it to turn over?  Or have we as a nation simultaneously gotten so lazy and so fond of complaining that we take every opportunity we can to complain?

And yes, I see the obvious hypocrisy in that last sentence. Or perhaps I was proving a point.

Did you watch the show? What are your thoughts on it? Please feel free to use the comments below.

For the record, I found it hilarious, especially the piza and wine part.


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