Gay Marriage:can we just do it already?

Gay marriage has probably become one of the most talked about topics of 2012. Since 2000, eleven countries, including Spain, South Africa, and Portugal, have legalized gay marriage, as well as several other parts/jurisdictions of countries, for example some states in the USA and Brazil, while others are debating it and putting forward proposals. One said country is my home country, the UK, where the Prime Minister, David Cameron is facing huge backlash from both his party and religious leaders in the country, despite the majority of the public being all for it.

Despite the fact that the act of marriage predates recorded history, and therefore Christianity in all forms, they various churches still vehemently and publicly oppose it, despite the fact that they would be able to opt out of performing such a thing. The Archbishop of Westminister, and the Roman Catholic Church’s UK leader, Vincent Nichols, used his Christmas Day sermon to publicly denounce the plan to allow it. High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge also criticised it, saying ministers are ‘pursuing the wrong policy’ as it’s an issue for the ‘minority’, which obviously makes it pointless.

Then there are claims that allowing gay marriage isn’t just against the Bible or pointless,  it’ll irrevocably damage society. Apparently ignoring the fact that civil marriages, i.e. marriage not performed in a church, accounted for 68% of marriages in 2010, the Bishop of Exeter the Rt Rev Michael Langrish said that marriage ‘must be ‘consummated’ in the sexual union of male and female, an act which also brings with it the potential for the creation of new life. Failure to consummate has been one of the grounds on which a marriage may be declared as invalid and annulled. What does consummation mean in the case of two people of the same gender?’

Checkmate! He must have thought. Except consummation in the case of marriage literally means to have sex, and that’s it. The male and female part is purely personal belief, based on a religion that came after marriage, and creating new life actually has nothing to do with the literal meaning of consummation. Also, contrary to what he might think (in public, anyway), sexual intercourse can mean any sexual penetrative acts, including anal, and the use of dildos.

I could go on and on and talk about how LGBT parenting has been scientifically proven to produce as well-adjusted children as heterosexual couples, or talk about how religion seems obsessed by sex, or even do a Piers Morgan and suggest that the Bible needs amending, but instead I’m going to sum it up as such. It’s been said several times over, by various religious leaders, that these religions promote love, unity, peace, and anti-discrimination. Isn’t it about time they proved that?

Keep going, Mr Cameron. For once, I believe you can do this.

For more arguments for gay marriage, I highly suggest this blog post by Jason Wakefield on

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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