My (almost) present-less Christmas experience

This year everyone at home was short for cash, so the amount of presents we got was essentially nil. We got a couple of odds and ends, socks etc, and a couple of small gifts from each other and friends (I got mum Stargate, for example, costing less than £3), but the amount of things under the tree was zero except decorations that the cat had knocked off whilst climbing up it. To be honest, it made for the best Christmas I’ve had in years.

There was no expectations, no pressure, and absolutely no reason to be up before 8 in the morning. My sister, working at a local nightclub the night before, didn’t get up until half 11. It was just another day, with the exception of turkey dinner and the promise of Doctor Who in the evening.

No-one was grumpy, because everyone got to do their own thing. There was no mess, no arguments, and no fighting. I was so relaxed I managed to have an hour and a half nap before Doctor Who time. In a house filled with people who have their own mental health battles, the tension and stress levels where non-existent. It was just an incredibly relaxed and nice atmosphere.

I’m not the only one I know with the same experience. My friend’s mum’s words were ‘I haven’t got enough money for presents, so I’m not going to bother with them’. It was the first Christmas they’ve had for years where there’s been no family arguments, and everything was just nice.

Needless to say we’ve made it a thing now that in future Christmas is going to be just this-simple, relaxed, and nice.

How was your Christmas? Were you in a similar position? If not, what was your favourite present?

Happy holidays



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2 comments on “My (almost) present-less Christmas experience
  1. moodymommi says:

    I had the exact same experience!! We stopped with the big gifts about 4 years ago. We do a big family gag grab bag where the range is 10-20 dollars, depends on the year and the funds. My husband and I have never bought Christmas gifts for one another, its all about the kiddies! This year we didn’t but the kids gifts, that’s why they have grandparents and aunts and uncles and we are the only ones with young kids so we are WINNING!!! Anywhoo I said all this to say, i love laid back, stress free holidays, I plan to enjoy them for years to come!! Happy Holidays!!
    *By the way I found you through reddit!

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