My PostSecret experience

PostSecret started as a simple project by a man called Frank Warren. The aim, as he handed out blank postcards to a bunch of strangers, was to get people to send him a secret of theirs, any kind of secret, on the postcard. It could be as simple as a handwritten admission or a really creative drawing.

Flash forward 8 years and Frank has received thousands upon thousands of postcards. Some get posted up on his website, which is updated with new secrets every Sunday. Some have been published in one of the 5 books published so far. Others get shown at one of the many live talks that Frank personally does almost every year. This year was the first time he had come to the UK, and I managed to go to the first show in London.

I was not disappointed.

The talk came in three parts. First, a bit about his story, which long time followers have probably heard most of already (although it’s always good to hear it from the horses mouth). Then comes a few secrets that he hadn’t got round to putting up on the site yet, or had been banned from publication.

Then came the secret sharing.

PostSecret has become much more than just a project, It’s a community, built on the idea of sharing and supporting one and other, and that’s what happens at the talks. People are invited up to the mic to share their secrets, thoughts, and feelings in a place surrounding by non-judgmental people. Some of the stuff was heartbreaking, some were funny, but the sense of love and support to the person was huge. I know it was for me when I gave mine.

Afterwards, Frank did a signing, and I actually got to meet someone I could honestly call a hero. Without PostSecret, I wouldn’t have had some of my best friends, I wouldn’t have had an important outlet, and I would’ve undoubtedly got worse. More importantly, through PostSecret, Frank has donated thousands to suicide prevention causes.

It was simply an overwhelmingly amazing event, and I won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.

If you want to check it out, you can find it at You maybe surprised to find a connection to your own secrets there.

Happy Wednesday


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