Bestiality, loopholes, and radio hoaxes gone very, very wrong-my top 5 stories of (last) week

Hello! Time for a long overdue edition of my top 5 stories of the week (well, last week). I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week as I’m feeling fairly ill.

I’ve got weird, annoying, and down right bizarre stories for you today, but I’m going to start with one that hits  my childhood.

The Dandy is no longer in print-publication

Childrens comic The Dandy, one of the worlds longest running comics, will cease to be printed after 75 years. Instead, it will become a digitally bought comic, because it’s target audience of schoolkids all have iPads and smartphones.

Considering I used to buy this week after week when it only cost 12 pence, it’s a sad thing to see go for me. (Source: BBC)

VAT loophole on online products/services costs more than the Olympics

This comes as the Greenwich Consulting said that the amount of VAT that the UK will lose £10 billion between 2008 and 2014 due to the lack of VAT on online services such as Amazon. The Olympics, however,is estimated to have cost us £9 billion. Add this to earlier stories of tax dodging companies like Starbucks and Google and it starts to become more and more apparent that the UK Government seem to be more interested in blaming the unemployed and poor for the deficit rather than enforcing their own tax laws and cutting the deficit that way. (Source: Guardian)

20 year old mother told her boyfriend shes likes sex with dogs and incest fantasies

The unnamed boyfriend of Brittany Angelique Sonnier thought she was going to ask about the chances of group sex when she sat him down to talk, which he would’ve been fine with.

Nope, doggy sex and incest cartoons.

Unsurprisingly, he got out, called the police and Sonnier is now face bestiality related charges. The dogs have yet to be interviewed for statements. (Source Daily Mail)

Wife kills her husband and finds out he’s not a man

Another story that sounds like it belongs on Jerry Springer, Elizabeth Rudavsky stabbed her husband Angelo Heddignton in self defense as the phyiscal and verbal abuse just got too much. Then the paramedics came and it turns out Angelo is Angela.

How do you have a 7 month relationship with a person, marry them, and not know this? Turns out he told her that a previous ex burnt his genitals, and that he didn’t want to be seen in the light naked.

Make your own jokes at will. (Source Daily Mail)

Radio prank call to Royal hospital unfortunately leads to suicide

This was going to be here for completely different reasons.

2 DJs from Australian radio statio 2FM prank called the hospital the Duchess of Cambridge was staying at during her illness, put on fake accents, and ask to speak a nurse on the Duchess’s ward. Somehow, they got through and managed to get confidential information on her state. Considering the Leveson inquiry is still fresh in peoples minds, this caused quite a stir.

Then the nurse who put their phone call through was found dead three days later, and that changed everything.

The DJs have been let go, the station under investigation, and more importantly, a person has died unnecessarily from suicide. (Source Yahoo)

And now I’m going back to bed.




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